Simple Deploy


System requirements

Any currently supported Windows version.



The following must all be performed on the IIS web-server computer:

  1. Download the lastest Simple Deploy zip file from
    Note: The zip file contains the same files as the "dist" folder in the Git repository.
  2. Unzip the file to a local folder.
  3. Create a new web-site in IIS using the folder with the unzipped Simple Deploy files.
  4. Configure this web-site to use an Application Pool with:
    • .NET CLR Version: "4.0..."
    • Managed pipeline mode: "Integrated"
    • Identity (advanced settings): an account / identity with full access to the "app_data" folder under the Simple Deploy web-site, as well as the folders to deploy web-sites to.
  5. Open the web-site in a browser and set the Admin password.