Simple Deploy

Simple Deploy

Simple Deploy

IIS webhook endpoint for GitHub / GitLab / BitBucket* for easy web-site publishing

How it works


Open Source and free

Simple Deploy is an open-source project licensed with a MIT License.
The source code is available on GitHub and contributions are most welcome.

Simple Deploy is free.
However, you can still support the project in multiple ways. You can promote it on your blog, tweet about it, answer a question on StackOverflow, recommend it to your friend or colleague or buy me a cup of coffee:

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I created Simple Deploy in order to simplify our own web-site publishing workflow, as we couldn't find any existing solutions like this - at least not anything very user friendly.
Prior to making Simple Deploy, we used the excellent Bonobo Git Server with a hook to checkout each repository when pushed.
This worked quite nicely, but meant that our web-servers doubled as Git servers, and that our Git repositories were scattered in several different places.
I wanted a setup where all our Git repositories were in a single and separate location (GitHub) - both for simplicity but also as an extra backup.

* or any other Git repository hosting service / server, which supports webhooks.